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So pleased to welcome back Susanne Ross, RMT. We are glad to have her helpful hands February and March!


Do you have a general question about knead? Here’s a list of common questions and some quick answers.

General questions.

Massage therapy questions.

General FAQs.

Do I tip my practitioner?

No. We appreciate the thought but absolutely cannot accept any form of gift or gratuities for our services. The best way you can show appreciation for our services is by referring us to other people in need!

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What is knead’s cancellation policy?

You may sometimes need to cancel your appointment with us, so we’ve tried to make our cancellation policy as simple as possible.

If you provide us with...

  • at least 24 hours notice – there is no charge for cancelling your appointment
  • less than 24 hours notice – there will be a $30 charge for the missed appointment
  • less than 2 hours notice OR you simply don’t show up – we consider this a “no-show” and you are expected to pay 100% of the fee for the missed appointment

Remember, you can use our Online Booking calendar to book, reschedule, or cancel your appointments – however, you cannot cancel OR reschedule an appointment online if it is less than 24 hours away. Please call the clinic at 250-753-6322 instead.

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What if I don’t show up for a session?

If you simply do not show up for a scheduled appointment, or provide us with LESS THAN 2 HOURS of notice that you’re unable to come, you will automatically be charged for 100% of the cost of your missed appointment, without exception.

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Massage Therapy FAQs.

What do I wear?

Please wear as little clothing as you are comfortable with for the duration of our session.

We can move around in some clothes, and keep in mind the only area that is exposed is the area that we are working on at any given time.

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How much does Massage Therapy cost?

Knead offers a single set of rates that covers all different types of Massage Therapy. These prices vary depending on the length of the session. Please visit our Pricing page for a list of our current rates.

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Does my health plan cover Massage Therapy?

This is one of the most common questions we hear at knead, and it has multiple answers. There can be many factors that determine your coverage, including your specific insurance provider or occupation. Read our “Who Pays for the Visit?” page for more information.

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What’s the difference between an RMT and a masseuse?

Registered Massage Therapists are governed by the Province that they are working in, and work hard to uphold the standards of practice set out by their college and Provincial association.

In British Columbia, these standards are monitored and upheld by The College of Massage Therapists of BC and the Massage Therapists Association of BC.

RMTs operating in British Columbia must have over 3000 hours of training – the highest requirement in North America.

A masseuse, conversely, can be anyone from a student with basic training to someone with a personal, general interest in massage.

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Will I be sore after my session?

Soreness ultimately depends on many factors, including tissue health, dehydration, sensitivity of the area, prior injuries, and any systemic conditions or issues.

The most important thing to become aware of it that healthy tissue doesn’t hurt with light to moderate pressure. If you are experiencing a lot of pain with little pressure applied to an area, consider it a baseline for your health in that location.

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So... will massage hurt?

Massage Therapy may be painful, depending on what your goals are. If we’re working together to relieve muscle pain or trying to change a postural condition, most likely it will be uncomfortable at times.

So yes, Massage Therapy can be physically uncomfortable.

More importantly, however, we will make sure your session is never stressful. Deep breathing and open communication with your therapist will help us to keep things at a tolerable level.

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How can massage help with pregnancy?

In lots of ways! Pregnancy Massage is focused directly on what you need as a new Mom. As your term progresses and the body changes, new issues arise, from swollen ankles through to lower back pain.

Pregnancy Massage is designed to ease these random aches and pains and help relieve your overall stress and anxiety levels. Let yourself enjoy this time!

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Any other questions?

Feel free to contact knead at any time with your questions, suggestions, or comments. You call phone us during clinic hours at 250-753-6322 or email us through this website at any time using our contact form.

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