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So pleased to welcome back Susanne Ross, RMT. We are glad to have her helpful hands February and March!

What our clients say.

Knead’s staff members have plenty of experience – here’s what some of our clients are saying about us.

Wonderful therapists.

Every therapist I've seen at Knead has been so helpful, professional, and punctual. I've always left feeling improved. I love the direct bill to Bluegrass, as well. The hours are great, the therapists are wonderful.

– Mariah M.

Effective deep tissue.

Shannon is amazing in her approach, communication, and assessment on specific musculoskeletal problems. Her deep tissue treatment is one of the most effective I've ever experienced. Thanks!

– Brigette Q.

Nothing but nice things to say.

I was originally drawn to Knead RMT clinic because it has online booking, is post-massage stumbling distance from my house, and has Saturday appointments. (The online booking and reminder system is awesome -I get text reminders an hour before my appointment and an email a day before.)

The part that has kept me at Knead is the great massages I have had from Curtis. He is thoughtful and thorough in how he approaches your issues without assuming that each session will be the same as the last.

I’ve experienced a lot of improvement in my neck/shoulders and have reached a point where my treatments are less urgently needed due to the pain I had been having without Curtis’ help. He always offers stretches and suggestions for alleviating any of the tightness I have as well, and has been helpful in my understanding of how my body works. Aside from being a great massage therapist, Curtis is a calm and lovely human being who immediately put me at ease.

I have already recommended Curtis to my wife and a friend, who had nothing but nice things to say about her experience with him.

– D. L.

Healthier in mind & body.

When someone asks you to write anything about them, you know that they trust you enough to write an honest review.

I met Meaghan 16 June 2011, the day after the Stanley cup riot. That riot was the ice breaker convention and the beginning of a six year professional relationship. I am a retired military veteran with many medical problems and when Meaghan goes to work on my muscles we start to chat about anything and everything.

This communication gets my mind off my PTSD for the hour I'm there. After the appointment is over I feel healthier in mind and body.

During the six years I have followed her when she moved from Victoria to Nanaimo. That should say a lot when you would travel to see a therapist when many are a lot closer.

– Dave

Diligent in his practice.

Robert is a highly skilled, professional, caring practitioner who is diligent in his practice to ensure I receive the best treatment possible with the time I have. He goes above and beyond to ensure I am aware of all other facets of my recovery and is always considerate of my needs.

He is very knowledgeable in many areas outside the RMT field and is willing to discuss the best option for me to recover in a safe and expedient manner!

If it wasn't for Robert I would still be in a lot of pain and limited in my mobility!

Namaste Robert!

– Julie F.

Great personalized treatment.

Robert is a very good RMT: listens to concerns, very knowledgeable and offers great personalized treatment.

– Carine H.

Totally irreplaceable.

Meaghan is the BEST, and totally irreplaceable. Believe me, I’ve tried.

She is funny and friendly and very knowledgable. She helped me recover from a car accident and with ongoing pain related to my nursing career, and helped support me through a very challenging chronic illness.

No matter how bad I was feeling she could always make me feel better, and her attitude towards life is contagious.

– Sally S.

Truly wants to help!

Meaghan is an amazing RMT and my favourite! I suffer from chronic headaches and only with her skill, knowledge and attention to detail do I feel better.

You will find Meaghan funny, caring and very personable. Folks, she is one of a kind and truly wants to help! I would recommend her for all sorts, sizes and ages whether you have chronic pain or just need a relaxing massage.

– Drew M.

In good hands.

I have been fortunate to visit Knead Therapy on a weekly basis for over 2 years and have always been pleased with their exceptional service. From a warm greeting at the door, to very specific and detailed treatments from the lovely therapists, I know I’m in good hands!

Trust me, you “knead” to check them out!

– Katie W.

A happy regular.

As a nurse who works 12-hour shifts, I often have chronic aches and pains. I was one of those people who had never had a massage because the thought of removing my clothing and having a stranger touch me made me feel uncomfortable. My chiropractor recommended Knead, so I took a deep breath and braved my first meeting.

I am very glad that I did.

My therapist made me feel comfortable right from the start. Her professionalism and expertise, the positive results I enjoy after every visit, and the polite, attentive reception service have made me a happy regular.

– Sharon F.

The greatest gift.

I had suffered with chronic lower back pain for many years – it had got to the point where I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoe laces. Three years ago I was not overweight but had lost all ability to lean forward, twist or lift. It was affecting my work and more importantly my quality of life as I am an active person.

In three sessions Beverley reached into my muscles and undid years of compounded damage that other physicians had been unable to tame. I have no idea how she did it... But it’s been the greatest gift. I skied 72 days last year, tomorrow I hit the slopes for another pain free year.

Thanks Beverley!

– Bruce I.

Above & beyond.

Beverley Spidle has helped me enormously in overcoming my back pain and assisting in the breakdown of scar tissue while my injuries were healing, keeping me flexible and able to go back to my regular activities.

What I like most, from the wonderful massages, is how they go above and beyond to offer tips, advice, and knowledge on how to care for your pain points on your own. This shows how much they care about their customers.

– Mariam

A great team.

I visit Bev and Catherine (a previous staff member at Knead) each month for different types of massage. As a Behaviour Therapist, Respite Worker and Educational Assistant I find relief from the strain of doing many lifts and transfers as part of my job by seeing these therapists. I always feel such a sense of well being and positivity and relief from my pains. I look forward to all my visits and every experience has been extremely positive.

What a great team!

No pills, no pain.

For the best part of the last 25 years, I have been living with the daily reminder of being on the receiving end of a rear end accident. Lower back surgery offered only a marginal window of relief from herniated and ruptured discs and chipped vertebrae. At the time, physiotherapy seemed to cause more problems than it resolved. Certain movements exacerbated the symptoms, so I was resolved to living a very physically- limited and cautious lifestyle, for fear of re-offending the sciatica gods.

Meeting Beverley last spring at my weekly business breakfast gathering would change things more than I would have expected. Beverley suggested I come in for a few visits, and I did so, with little expectations. After 2 months’ of near tear inducing treatment, I was free of back pain for the first time in 25 years! I was astounded. Beverley relieved the pain that pills and physio was never able to do.

My visits have now become part of my lifestyle. I look forward to them as being my “spa visit,” and I can not see myself going back to the way things were prior to meeting Beverley from KNEAD Massage Therapy.

A heart felt (and back felt) thanks for helping my become pain-free. Thank you Beverley and staff for helping me change my life back to normal.

The name says it all.

In appreciation of massage therapists at “Knead” where I’m a regular client. Yes “KNEAD” – what a proper name! Also meaning we all “need” it. Everyone appears to know what is needed in a restorative manner. Thanks to all of you and for adding Saturdays for booking appointments, very convenient for busy tight schedules we all have. Take a moment and make an appointment.

Kneading out the kinks.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in early February of 2006. After many attempts to find a qualified, understanding and experienced RMT, I was introduced to Beverley Spidle.

I was experiencing a great amount of pain in my lower back area as well as my upper rhomboid. These sharp pains caused a great amount of discomfort which resulted in time off work. My back was knotted up along my spine and neck areas.

I was fortunate to get in to see Bev at Vitality Clinic, where she stretched me out and eased the pain. Bev managed to "knead" out the kinks and knots, which gave me some ease of mobility. She provided me with knowledgeable information that would help me keep my back "loose" and limber.

I am very grateful.

Beverley is a warm and compassionate professional who made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. I also appreciate that I have never, from the very first visit, felt rushed. She’s always ready when I get there and makes my massage therapy her only focus.

I am a regular client and would not hesitate recommending Bev to my friends and family. Her personable service, positive attitude and friendly personality make each visit a great one.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest Regards,

– Jennifer Massoud, Teacher

Pain-free through massage therapy.

Ten years ago I was in a minor car accident that left me with chronic neck and back pain. At the suggestion of my naturopath, I began seeing Beverley Spidle for massage therapy.

As a result of the massage therapy that I received I am now pain free. This is important enough to repeat: my treatments with Bev completely alleviated my pain.

Not only am I free from physical pain, I am no longer emotionally stressed as a result of being in pain. I realized that I simply adjusted to the pain and accepted it and now that I am free of it I fully realize the negative impact that it had on my life. I am so grateful for Bev’s exceptional skill and commitment in getting me through this.

Last July I became pregnant with my first child. I have consistently seen Bev throughout the nine months of my pregnancy. At each stage Bev was able to make me more comfortable as my body adjusted to my advancing pregnancy. I so look forward to my weekly massage because know that I will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and much more comfortable.

Seeing Bev for massage therapy has had a profound positive impact on my overall health and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to integrate the massage therapy that she delivers into my health care regiment.

– C. Thorsteinson, MSW

Improvements from the first session.

After suffering from a rugby injury, I came to Beverley Spidle with post concussive syndrome, back and neck pain and dizziness to the point where even standing still I felt motion sickness. My symptoms were debilitating to the point where I stopped attending all my classes at university, could barely make it through work shifts and spent most of my time in bed. I was 19 and in perfectly healthy condition before I got hurt.

After 2 trips to the ER, numerous appointments with different doctors and even physiotherapy sessions, I still had no improvement almost 6 months later.

Searching for a massage therapist, I stumbled on Bev by chance (or possibly a miracle). Starting with improvement after the very first session, she is the only person I have ever seen results from.

Within 4 weeks – about 3 sessions – I felt significant improvement. Not only had every one of my symptoms subsided, I even felt complete relief for extended periods of time. The only relapses I experience creep up on me when I haven’t been back for a massage in awhile, and my neck and back begin to tighten up again. Needless to say, within a visit or two I’m straightened out again.

For anyone experiencing chronic pain, a lagging injury, or even simple discomfort, I can not encourage you enough to book an appointment with Bev. Let her work on you, listen to what she says, and I guarantee you will see results. To this day, a year and a half later, she is the sole reason I live my life without being in pain or feeling sick everyday.

– E. Carter

Highly recommended.

I began my search for a Massage Therapist mainly because of constant headaches, back and shoulder pain, generally attributed to the stress of my occupation.

This chronic pain in my neck and shoulders which would cause headaches – and occasionally a loss of mobility in my neck.

Once I began visiting Beverley Spidle my pain decreased, my headaches became less frequent, and eventually they ceased to exist. I highly recommend Bev – she is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

To be honest, I’m not sure what to write exactly – I wanted to just write: "Bev is awesome! She gives great massages and I always leave happier." What more could I ask for?

– Jennifer Massoud, Teacher

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