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So pleased to welcome back Susanne Ross, RMT. We are glad to have her helpful hands February and March!

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy®.

SDTT® focuses on changing holding patterns in the nervous system that have been learned due to stress, posture and injury.

Woman receiving a deep-tissue massage.

Practitioners: Beverley Spidle, Lindsay Shewchuk

Best suited for: any acute or chronic condition that requires deep tissue work

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® is a technique designed for increasing circulation to trouble areas that begin at the lower spine and translate upward.

SDTT focuses on the tender-points in the body that includes the muscle, ligament, fascia and the underlying joint. SDTT gets its depth from the speed of the stroke, rather than from the pressure that is applied. The speed itself changes the nervous system from its holding pattern that has been learned due to stress, posture, and/or injury.

For an example of a postural holding pattern, think of the way you are seated right now. Is it comfortable? If you stay this way will you be sore or achey in a few hours?

A pattern is how we have been using our body regularly, good or bad. If that pattern isn’t working for you, your nervous system needs a “RESET” – a stimuli that shocks the nervous system into a neutral change. SDTT accomplishes this goal with its focus on the speed of the stroke.

It is common to have a bruise sensation for a few days after SDTT treatment. Keep in mind that you first session will be your baseline – it can only get less painful from there. One of our favourite sayings at knead is “Healthy tissue doesn’t hurt”. Tenderness decreases as tissue health increases, meaning with each session you will feel less discomfort afterwards as you steadily progress to a pain-free life.

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Practitioners: Beverley Spidle, Lindsay Shewchuk

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Further details.

Massage Therapy sessions are available in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute long appointments.

Please visit our pricing page for details on the cost.

SDTT® is a registered trade mark of Armand Ayaltin, DNM®, RHP, RMT

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